21-24 February 2019
Foto: Sandy Haessner

Sousou & Maher Cissoko

Sousou & Maher Cissoko have toured all over the world with their music, which crosses just as many borders as the life they live together; always moving over multiple continents, driven mainly by all the musical and human meetings. 

The duo is a unique fusion of musical ability, warmth and charisma. They combine magnificent kora playing and expressive vocals with a rhythmic energi and influences from, among other, reggae, folk, soul and jazz. The music speaks to people regardless of age and background and it's rooted in the ancient Griot tradition of West Africa, were the past, the present and the future become one.

In February 2018 the duo released their latest album, Made of Music!, the record is produced by Tina Malia and created in three countries; Sweden, USA and Senegal.

I februari 2018 släppte duon sitt senaste album Made of Music! Skivan är producerad av Tina Malia och skapad i tre länder; Sverige, USA & Senegal.

Sousou Cissoko – Kora & Vocals
Maher Cissoko – Kora & Vocals
Stefan Bergman – Bass
Johan Jansson – Drums