21-24 February 2019
Foto: Jose Figueroa


Rhythmania är a performance created from a personal and choreographical journey into folk dance.

Through dance tradition and the relationship between music, pulse and rhythm, Rhythmania moves within the tension created between tough limitations and repeated escape attempts. This is a performance where the focus is both artistic and personal risk, where the dance and the music constantly challenge one another. Always on the edge, always nearly losing balance.

In 2017, dancer and choreographer Anna Öberg was awarded the newly instituted prize 'Dance Of the Year' at The Folk and World Music Gala with motivation:

"Without music, no dance, and without dance – nor any music. Anna Öberg is a pioneer who is dancefully rooted in the old, but throws herself forwards, inwards  and outwards all at once. Towards the new, always searching, but with the old safely resting in her backbone."

Idea, choreography and dance – Anna Öberg

Music – Anders Löfberg
Sound design  – Elize Arvefjord
Lighting design - Anton Andersson

The performance is given in cooperation with Umeå Teaterförening and Riksteatern