21-24 February 2019


Patina consists of six friends who have met up regularly for many years to play music and have dinner together. We play traditional music on various instruments such as fiddle, flute, harmonica, bagpipes and zither.

Our repertoire is mostly music from Jämtland, where we all live. Because many of the members of Patina have moved in from elsewhere, we also have other influences. We play in a way that's easy to dance to, so we like it the best when the audience is dancing.

In 2018 we released the CD 'Låtar från när och fjärran'.

Eva Persson Huck – Fiol
Andre Huck – Fiol
Elisabet Grönlund – Fiol, flöjter
Gunnar Stenmark – Fiol, flöjter, säckpipa
Astrid Pullar – Fiol, cittra
Rickard Näslin – Fiol, munspel