21-24 February 2019


We build on our diversity!

The word namah means “it's not about me”. We in the band always think of ourselves as a collective, and that we can have an impact on the world around us through our music. Our wish is to share joy, peace, healing and the sense of freedom to everyone nearby. We mix nations, we mix rhythms and colours. Namah's sound is warm, open, happy and playful; even chill.

Venezuela, Brazil, Burkina Faso och France are the roots to our music. A blend of reggae, bossa nova, samba, jazz soul and more...

We sing in Spanish, Portuguese, African languages, English and French.

You can expect a musical journey to warmer countries.

Union, respekt, peace & nature!

Duneska – Leadsång, gitarr, cuatro
Mathilde – Piano, sång, ukulele
Alassane – Djembe, sång
Randy – Spansk cajon
Nicholas – Kontrabas, cavaquinho, sång