21-24 February 2019


Mittfolk is the band that plays and has played in all kinds of different places. From the big stage at Urkult in Näsåker to a basement in Osaka, Japan. Mittfolk so far has been a unique success story. They've collaborate with the most prominent folk musicians in Sweden, and the growth of the young band members is hard to describe, with many former members now playing in professional folk music bands.

This is the fourth generation of Mittfolk on stage since it all started in 2009!

Want to hear what we sound like? soundcloud.com/mittfolk
Check out our Facebook page. facebook.com/MittFolk.y/

Karolina Walker – Bas
Daniel Andersson – Gitarr, fiol
Elsa Lundgren – Blockflöjt, fiol
Wolfgang Duran – Klarinett
Beatris Johansson – Fiol
Anna Jonsson – Fiol
Ylva Li de Mello – Fiol
Joel Norberg – Trumpet
Elian Hägglund – Mandolin, gitarr
Eva Michold – Fiol
Linn Norberg – Fiol
Nils Martinsson – Fagott
Joel Westman – Slagverk
Stina Kallvi – Blockflöjt

Ledare: Christian Cuadra och Markus Räsänen