21-24 February 2019
Foto: Odd Inge Larsen

Marja-Liisa Orgelsuite

Marja-Liisa Orgelsuite premiered in august 2018 at the festival Kalottspel in Målselv, Norway. The brains behind the entire show is composer Mariann Torset from Målselv. Mariann has gathered six of her favorite Nordic organists, each with their own collapsible harmonium, and they've explored what's possible to do together. The result is Marja-Liisa Orgelsuite, and we can promise that you've never heard anything like it.

For the past 50 years, the harmonium, or pump organ, has been an important accompaniment instrument in both Finnish and Swedish folk music, and in the last 20 years Norway has caught up. Today the harmonium is an important instrument with some of our most famous folk musicians in all three countries.

Marja-Liisa Orgelsuite is a successful co-production between Kalottspel and Folkemusikk Nord – North Norway centre of folk music and dance. Coreographer Sigurd Johan Heide's signature is clearly shown in the production, he's most famous from the dance troupe Kartellet.

During 2019, Marja-Liisa Orgelsuite well be played in places all over Sweden, Finland and Norway. 

Mariann Torset (N) – Trøorgel
Harald Lind-Hanssen (N) – Trøorgel
Kristina Bergström (S) – Tramporgel
Janne Strömstedt (S) – Tramporgel
Leija Lautamaja (Fi) – Harmoni
Milla Viljamaa (Fi) – Harmoni

Choreographer: Sigurd Johan Heide
Producer: Terje Foshaug, Folkemusikk Nord