21-24 February 2019
Foto: Mattias Edwall

Looptok Cirkus feat. Maja Långbacka

The music from Knitting Peace, Borders, Limits, and some new material, with circus performers from Cirkus Cirkör.

A unique stage experience, with focus on music and world class circus skills. This is Samuel Långbacka's dream about a new type of concert, with circus, action and lots of sound – complemented by Maja's wonderful vocals. Samuel's music has lifted Cirkus Cirkör and been given lots of praise for its gravitas, humor, sound design, ferocity and poetry.

Samuel has created the music for the shows Knitting Peace, Borders and Limits. He's often been Cirkus Cirkör's one-man band. Maja was the vocal star of Borders. As with Cirkör, you'll never know what will happen, only that you'll be mesmerized. Maja's singing and the guest circus performers makes this show a unique premiere.


Samuel "Looptok" Långbacka – Fioler, slagverk och elektronik
Maja Långbacka – Sång


Kajsa Bohlin
Sarah Lett
Alexander Weibel Weibel