21-24 February 2019

Jenny Ritter Trio (CA) & Nord/Långbacka/Dahl (SE)

Photo: Nord/Långbacka/Dahl

Vocal harmonies, rootsie groove, spartan tones and ethereal soundscapes.

Musicians and composers collaborating across genres and geographic boundaries. The singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jenny Ritter from Vancouver with her trio and the new Swedish trio Nord/Långbacka/Dahl are putting on a joint concert.

Photo: Jenny Ritter

Jenny Ritter was born on an island off of Canada’s west coast. She creates a unique musical indie folk landscape of mountains, memories and ghosts. Her clear, brilliant songs are accompanied by the banjo and guitar, and she often plays with other Canadian folk musicians. For the last 15 years, she has toured with several Canadian groups and has played a variety of instruments since childhood. Her music could be described as "indie folk" grounded in Canadian roots music and with influences from Scandinavian folk traditions. Her lyrics often reflect a lonely childhood deep in the woods, with pastoral images and wildlife scratching at the door. She has a strong stage presence and interplay with the audience. In February/March Jenny is releasing the sequel to her acclaimed debut album Bright Mainland and will be touring in Scandinavia with Swedish and Canadian musicians.

Jenny Ritter – vocals, banjo and guitar
Trent Freeman – fiddle and vocals
Ryan Boeur – electric guitar

Guest performer - Simon Nyberg, guitar


In a time where the musical map is continually being redrawn and fusions are more the rule than the exception, Nord/Långbacka/Dahl moves with ease and curiosity in the intersection of different genres and expressions. Three strong personalities from the Swedish music scene and from diverse musical styles have come together to create a common language. Vocals, cello, accordion, fiddles, keyboards and chimes are the sound palette of their rich, suggestive, heavenly, harsh poetic and spontaneously playful compositions. You may have seen members of Nord/Långbacka/Dahl play with such groups and artists as New Tide Orquesta, Sofia Karlsson, Miss Li, Norrbotten Big Band, Lena Willmark, Kaja, Kultiration, Tomas Ledin, Krackel Kapell, the Cullberg Ballet and Beches Brew to name a few.

Livet Nord
– 5-string fiddle and vocals
Johanna Dahl – cello and vocals
Lisa Eriksson Långbacka – accordion, keyboard and vocals