21-24 February 2019


Gunbritt å dom began 25 years ago as an informal group where fiddlers met to play. The group has steadily developed into a performance group with members coming and going and has expanded with the addition of zithers, guitar, accordion, double bass and flute.

Its members live in Sundsvall and Härnösand and surrounding areas. The band’s focus is on playing for dances, with lots of ensemble and energy. Their repertoire includes songs from throughout Sweden, but they LOVE to play triple polskas from Medelpad and Jämtland.

Eva Almestad - fiddle, guitar
Lars Almestad – fiddle
Anja Brandoné – zither
Susanna Edström – fiddle
Ulla Forsberg zither – fiddle
Gun-Britt Hermansson - fiddle, accordion
Birgitta Hägglund – transverse flute
Malin Lindström – fiddle
Elina Lilliesköld – fiddle
Eva Norberg – fiddle
Ulrika Patton – fiddle
Kristin Svensson Melander – fiddle
Birgitta Säwén – zither 
Maria West – fiddle
Inger Vestberg – fiddle
Katarina Zeipel – fiddle
Gunnel Öun – fiddle
Annika Wiklund – fiddle
Agneta Wiberg – fiddle
Moa Hallqvist – fiddle
Ebba Okfors – fiddle
Marianne Norén - transverse flute, guitar
Amelie Fagerlund - fiddle
Eva Sandhammar - fiddle