21-24 February 2019

Framnäs Folklore Ensemble (FFE)

Framnäs Folklore Ensemble consists of students from Framnäs Folkhögskola and the Piteå School of Music. They play groovy music from Bulgaria, Macedonia and the middle east in their own way, with a rockin' attitude. Through the years (The ensemble started in 1998) the different versions of FFE have travelled to the Balkans several times and there won the hearts of the local audience.

Celina Larsson – Fiddle
Irma Westling – Vocals
Emma Granlund – Bass
Shadé Klinkhamels – Fiddle
Sofie Hultqvist Kott – Vocals, cello
Isidor Abdelkader – Percussion
Märta Dahslström – Accordion
Emil Wingstrand – Clarinet
Tim Wendel – Viola
Elias Hellgren – Guitar
William Väänänen – Clarinet
Viktor Börlin – Fiddle