21-24 February 2019

Daniel Pettersson & Maria Jonsson

Two musicians who have chosen to dive headfirst into the music tradition of Västerbotten. A couple of years ago they read through some 19th century Westrobothnian music manuscripts, the result of which became the CD and tune book Kadrilj (2015).

Maria and Daniel offers a concert with dance tunes from the manuscripts, maybe with a little taste from their new project Inlandslåtar (inland tunes). The dancers Mats Wennström and Veronica Grahn will also take part on stage. Maria and Daniel are also playing for Nattkadrilj, nightly square dance with caller Mats Wennström.


Maria Jonsson – Viola d'amore
Daniel Pettersson – Nyckelharpa
Mats Wennström – Dance
Veronica Grahn – Dance