21-24 February 2019

For the past 15 years, the Burman/Berggren family has toured Västerbotten and Norrbotten with tunes from southern Lapland and Västerbotten. In 2015 they released their first record, Återbruk. The oldest tunes were found in two 19th century manuscripts; the Gimbergsson, Umeå manuscript which was found in an attic in Grundsunda, and the Fredrik Lindgren manuscript, Lidsträsk, Burträsk.

Even if the traditional tunes from Kvällträsk, Åsele, Lycksele and Vilhelmina are closest to the family's hearts, they also weave songs written by the youngest family members into the concert.

Influenced by jazz, classical music and rock, Burman/Berggren offer music from every corner of Västerbotten.

Siw Burman - Fiddle
Olle Berggren - Piano
Lovisa Berggren - Viola
Johan Berggren - Guitar
Sandra Berggren - Fiddle and vocals